On 9 March 2018 Rotary Club Leuven organises the 26th edition of its annual spring concert.

On that occasion, the Frascati Chamber Orchestra brings music of a.o. Mozart, Haydn and... Daan. All that takes place under the skilful guidance of chief conductor Kris Stroobants.

With the proceeds of this concert Rotary Club Leuven will support social projects in the Leuven region.


W. A. Mozart: Eine kleine Nachtmusik
Daan: Housewife

Daan: Protocol

Daan: Neverland

Daan: Victory

E. Elgar: Serenade for strings


Daan: La Crise

Daan: Parfaits Mensonges

Daan: Irrelevant

Daan: ICON

J. Haydn: Symphony n°6


Frascati Chamber Orchestra conducted by Kris Stroobants

Singer: Daan Stuyven


Friday 9 March - 08:00 PM

Aula Pieter De Somer, Leuven