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Frascati Symphonic

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Frascati is a story about music.

Foremost, the orchestra wants to bring music to people. 

In all their capacities and holding any kind of experience level.

We aspire to do so in an innovative way, specifically offering stage-experience to talented, young and eager musicians.


Frascati is a story about authenticity.

We recognize that every single one of our members – but also our audience – is unique and able to experience in their own way and pace.

Building on this philosophy, Frascati wants to bring diverging perspectives and characters together. 

As such, the orchestra aims to be a core community. Love for music and humanity are core.


Frascati is also a story of community.

Ties are formed between our musicians during the act of playing, but also with the people behind the scenes, and eventually, with our audience.

Together, we aim to bring a message of community, in the form of music, to the world.


In short: Frascati is an outlet - of music - to be experienced and loved by every living thing.


Frascati Symphonic was found in 2007 as a joint initiative from Kris Stroobants and Pieterjan Moeys..

The orchestra's main goal is to give young and talented musicians orchestra and stage experience via pedagogical projects of highest possible quality.


Frascati Symphonic comprises some of the most 

promising musical talent from across the world in Belgium. 

This talent is closely supervised by a core of 15 professional

coaches, which also exists ad performs separately,

as the Frascati Chamber Orchestra. 

In total,

Frascati's comprises fifty to seventy passionate musicians.


Frascati also works together with renowned external coaches

to assist with section rehearsals.

Marc Tooten from the "Brabants Orchestra from the Netherlands" for strings.

Arie van der Beek from the "Flemish Opera" for woodwinds.

Leo Wouters from the "National Orchestra from Belgium" for brass.

Luk Artois from the "Monnaie Symphonic Orchestra" for percussion

Meer weergeven

Frascati regularly collaborates with famed soloists and conductors.

Our orchestra has been blessed to work with 

Kees Bakels, Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort, Elena Fink, Reinoud Van Mechelen, Jasper De Waal, Roeland Hendrikx and

Severin von Eckardstein.


To charm both the familiar lover of classical music

and the music laymen, Frascati aspires to bring

both a diverse and accessible program.

Besides the established symphonic repertoire,

Frascati also ventures towards more daring, 

20th century and contemporary repertoire.





New year concert

Frascati Symphonic conductor Kris Stroobants

Soprano: An De Ridder

Tenor: Peter Gijsbertsen

Wetteren, CC Nova 19 jan

Brugge, Concertgebouw 23 jan



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